Web design and digital marketing require a lot of effort and smart execution to work well for small businesses. These are not tools that are set aside for a while. Each requires a lot of care and planning from start to finish, with ongoing maintenance and tweaking as new trends and updates shape the two respective fields.

As professional web designers and digital marketers, we’ve been around for a while and have heard many excuses and horrible pieces of advice that stop business owners from achieving optimum ROI for their websites.

It’s no surprise that in the last several years, both web designers and digital marketers have had to up their game significantly. Many bad practices have been phased out in favor of legitimate techniques and strategies that capitalize on the principles of inbound marketing and conversion rate optimization.

However, there are still some web design and digital marketing agencies that get it wrong and are perpetuating outdated ideas that don’t help business owners much at all. A lot of these ideas and pieces of advice are detrimental to producing more leads and sales.

In this article, we’ll go through the seven worst pieces of advice we’ve ever heard about web design and digital marketing. At our company, we strive to provide better quality and more custom-made solutions for business owners using the most modern, updated digital marketing and web design strategies.

1. Good Content Won’t Make a Difference

Here’s some bad advice which really grinds our gears. Whenever you hear someone downplay the importance of content marketing on websites, you should be highly skeptical. Content marketing is playing a much larger role in digital marketing, forming the foundations of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, all essential inbound lead generation marketing tools small businesses need to use to have their businesses heard online.

By taking the time to create and promote highly valuable content your audience will love, you can generate up to 57% more leads and sales.

Through blogging at least several times a month, you already increase your chances of converting more website visitors into leads. For most small businesses, content will be the most appropriate way to start building a following and form a solid foundation for generating leads organically.

Quality rather than quantity will also score you big in the content marketing arena. You don’t need any content spinners or automated content generation tools to get the results you want. More often than not, you’re setting yourself up for failure and massive penalties from search engines by not leaving the work up to skilled, professional copywriters with experience in both content marketing and search engine optimization.

There’s a lot to be said about being able to create content that sells without it coming across as blatant advertising or having a ton of keyword stuffing too like what you might get from a content mill.

2. Custom Web Design is Unnecessary for My Business

On the contrary, there are dozens of websites in your niche that look very similar to one another. Many people can spot a website template from a mile away and find it harder to find anything unique or noteworthy about your business based on the site. You should treat your business website precisely as how you would market one of your products.

Build the website and base it around all your unique selling points. Add lots of personality and charm to each part of your website from the color palette to copywriting style and voice.

Much of what will set you apart from all the rest is having a custom-built website where the web designer will create the website according to what you need. At our company, you fill out a business questionnaire and tell us about your competitors and other websites you like most.

Then, our web design team draws inspiration from your competitors and the very best in modern website design. They are encouraged to keep a folder and each day look at new website designs created by the most talented professionals in the world.

This way, there’s no limit to the fresh ideas the web designers will present, likely creating a different web design that stands out better.

3. I Should Hire a Web Design Company That Only Makes Websites for My Niche

In theory, this sounds like a good idea, but there’s a catch. Actually, there are several catches. For starters, there’s not as much room for creativity working with these companies. They’ll perform an okay job, but the final product will be something everyone’s seen hundreds of times before. When it comes to lead generation, you have to be willing to think outside of the box and take risks.

Second, there’s a lot that can be learned from building websites for other industries. A lot of the fun in web design comes from trial and error and seeing what works across the board each time. Since every business we work with is different, there’s always going to be unique challenges to address.

Finally, you need a website specifically designed to draw new visitors and keep them on for as long as possible. Many niche web design companies aren’t as well versed in conversion rate optimization and user experience, so their websites won’t perform as well in these areas. We build websites that load quickly and keep your visitors engaged throughout, ultimately guiding them to make purchases on your website.

4. I Don’t Need SEO At All

As much as many would like to be the next George R.R. Martin, not even the most well written, eloquent content isn’t going to mean much without a robust SEO strategy. Content forms the foundation from where you can then make the right optimizations on your website. These optimizations will make it so that it’s easier for people to find your blogs and articles.

Be aware that SEO takes a little while to produce results. It usually takes around six months or longer to see significant differences in traffic and conversions. However, the investment is worth it because people will be able to look at what you’ve created.

5. Social Media Marketing is a Waste of Time

You don’t have to like social media to understand how useful it is as a lead generation tool. Millions of people log into LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest each day and are looking for great content to read. On the internet, most content goes unread and mainly because the business owners don’t promote it much on social media.

Over a third of the entire world is on social media too! Digital marketing is all about reaching people where they are. You’re limiting many opportunities for your content to be shared by not promoting it enough on social media. For more information on the right social media marketing posting strategies, check out our guide on how many times you should promote content organized by social media platform!

6. Creating Websites on WordPress is a Terrible Idea

Some developers frown upon the idea of building business websites on WordPress. They feel that everything should be coded by hand. In some cases, that may be the best strategy like when there’s a single-page app for a company to create. However, for small to mid-size businesses aiming to increase leads and sales online, it’s better to have a system that’s scalable and easy to update and maintain.

WordPress takes a lot of the headache out of building websites because of the many useful plugins and tools provided. Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WPForms, and MonsterInsights are some excellent examples of WordPress plugins available that make it more feasible to market your business effectively.

It’s also easy to post new content and set up a good permalink structure that will set up your SEO for success. It’s understandable to find faults with some of WordPress’s quirks, but we believe the good far outweighs the bad with WordPress and is more comfortable for our clients to use and understand.

7. Typos and Small Mistakes Don’t Matter

It’s a big mistake to overlook the importance of having text on your website free of errors and typos. It can cost your business a lot in leads if there is no proofreading performed on each post and article. If you have a lot of poorly written content on your site, someone is bound to notice, and it will significantly reduce your credibility and authority. This is why we have a 30-60 day window where we work on websites depending on the size and scope of the project. This allows our team to minimize mistakes with content and address your needs in the best ways.

Also, each website we build is rigorously tested to work on all devices and even older versions of browsers like Internet Explorer. In web design, many mistakes are made by not considering the mobile internet user. We care about creating the best possible website for your business, taking more time to catch errors and correct them before making the site go live.


Web design and digital marketing are not playthings to be taken lightly. Both are formidable tools that generate lots of revenue for businesses of all sizes. Neither are static, and there’s always something new to learn about both fields.

Save yourself the trouble of falling for bad web design and digital marketing advice and contact our team at 470-440-3434 or [email protected] to get started on the right foot. We offer a free SEO website audit and consultation to discuss possible solutions for your business.